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4 Steps for Managing Paper Keepsakes

This month I feel drawn to write about paper keepsakes. We all have them. I’m talking about cards and letters from friends and loved ones; ticket stubs and other event memorabilia; precious paper gifts from our children; certificates and awards of our accomplishments; a few treasured photos (the bulk of our photos is another animal!); personal news clippings; and so much more. I've never had a client in their office or other space that we haven’t encountered these items. We find them in drawers, hanging folders, desktops, cabinets and containers. The questions are always…

What can I do with these?

Where should I store them?

What kind of container do you recommend?

Clients fear the answer will be to get rid of them. After all, they seemingly serve no practical purpose. Not so! In Marie Kondo’s (Author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) own words, they spark joy in your heart, so they stay! For me, I like to like to know that if I’m having a bad day or going through a rough patch in life, this will remind me why life is good :)

That being said, they do need a “home” like everything else. Otherwise, they risk being lost, damaged or a part of the clutter. Here are 4 recommendations I offer my clients to preserve these treasured items:

  1. Contain: Purchase or re-purpose an attractive, archival box to store them in – something that speaks to you. I’m thinking of the oversized photo boxes that can be purchased at craft stores, for an idea. I call this my “keepsake” or “happy” box. It holds all the things that touch my heart and make me feel happy.

  2. Stow: Place this box in an out of the way spot but within reach so it’s easy to add items. Your closet or your office is a good spot.

  3. De-clutter: As you organize and de-clutter, add any paper keepsakes you come across. There is no order or sequence…just toss them in. After all, there is no “order” to the memories we recall. You want to make this as easy as you can for yourself.

  4. Maintain: As these items come through your door, place them in the box as soon as you finish appreciating them. Maybe they make a temporary home on your bulletin board or refrigerator. The important thing is that they eventually make their way to the “keepsake” box.

In this way, you’ll have peace of mind that you know where these important items are located, and more importantly, you’re easily able to revisit them.

Happy organizing!

Call Streamline if you need help!


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