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Tips For Organizing School Memorabilia

Kids are back to school and the school papers and keepsakes are flying in the door! Are you looking for ideas to corral the class pictures, precious papers/art and report cards? In my residential and even my business organizing work, I find school documents everywhere including offices. It’s difficult for busy parents to manage if you don’t have a “home” for this stuff. Are your kids grown and out of the house? It’s not too late! They’ll appreciate the memories and a good laugh.

I’ve used all kinds of methods of organizing these memorabilia, including file boxes, bins, drawers, or accordion files. The one thing I’ve learned is that you need enough space but not too much. You want to keep the important and precious items but not every piece of paper that comes home. I recently started creating the pictured file boxes for clients. Each child gets their own box which includes a hanging file for every grade (preschool – 12th grade). I’ve found that a banker’s box size is the best, and it can be plastic or any other sturdy material.

As you would imagine, the elementary years generate a lot more paper than junior high/high school (you’re lucky to get anything in those years!). Items that would be stored include:

  • School year individual pictures

  • Elementary class pictures

  • Report cards

  • Mandated test results

  • Meaningful papers/art (selective pieces!)

  • Certificates

  • Awards/Ribbons

  • Special photographs

  • Team/club pictures/memorabilia

  • Graduation documents

  • College admission letters/awards

Parents don’t need to give a second thought for where school papers go as they come in the door, and you know right where they are when you need to get your hands on them. I can vouch for the significance of these keepsakes to your kids. As we recently went through a downsizing move, I pulled out theses boxes for my kids to peruse. They had a lot of fun laughing at their kindergarten imaginations and remembering childhood passions and friends. Just like photos, it tells a story.

Let me know if you need me to set up a box or two…or if you have questions, I love to share my organizing passion


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